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(806) | Biomass to energy from low strength municipal wastewater using a new microalgal-Anaerobic-membrane-bioreactor(s) (Submitted On 31-AUG-2020)
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  • Anaerobic membrane reactors for biohydrogen production
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    Ashok, M.I., Mathava Kumar
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    Monograph Overview

    Current global energy demand is met by fossil fuels, which accounts for about 80% of the total energy generated. This urges the need for finding a better alternative to fossil fuels. Hydrogen is one of the better choices due to its high calorific value and its biological production from nonrenewable resources like wastewater is increasing due to process sustainability. The adaptability of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) and biohydrogen production in the field of wastewater treatment has been increasing due to several advantages including reduced footprint, operation at shorter retention times, high organic loading rate, superior effluent quality, and quantity of energy produced. This chapter summarizes all aspects of hydrogen production using AnMBRs via different pathways: factors affecting hydrogen production, membrane fouling during hydrogen production, and its control, membrane cleaning, and microbial electrolysis cell (MEC). Finally, the future perspective of AnMBRs for hydrogen production is summarized.

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    Treatment of secondary effluent from domestic wastewater treatment plant using algal photo bioreactor

    Author: Krishnapriya, Inigo, J., Mathava Kumar., Ngo, H.H., Guo, W.

    Publication Year: 2020

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    Publisher: Elsevier