• भारत सरकार Government of India
  • मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्रालय Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान खड़गपुर Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The SPARC Scheme will be implemented by the following organization structure and hierarchy:

Apex Committee (AC)

There will be an Apex Committee (AC) for SPARC constituted as follows:

The Apex Committee will be authorized to formulate guidelines, processes, approve the list of projects shortlisted by the Sectional Committee (SC) and NC, review and monitor the progress of the project and facilitate all issues that require interventions, including that of the Government of India.

SPARC Liaison Cell

There will be a SPARC Liaison Cell in MHRD chaired by Joint Secretary ICC, MHRD and Member Secretary SPARC Apex Committee to connect and interact with the relevant units of the participating Foreign Country including their appropriate councils if available in India. It will also liaison with Indian Embassies and Indian S&T and other similar relevant units in the partner countries.

The role of MHRD through the SPARC Liaison Cell will be to develop MoUs with partner countries for the SPARC programme that helps in ease of mobility and visa application procedures, complementary Foreign Government support to the SPARC programme in terms of augmented funding, waivers, etc.

National Coordinating Institution (NC)

IIT Kharagpur has been selected by the Apex Committee as the National Coordinating (NC) Institution responsible for overall execution of SPARC. Its role will be as follows:

Nodal Institutions

There will be a set of Nodal Institutions (NI), one for each participating foreign country. Each NI will be responsible for the following :

Sectional Committee (SC)

There will be a Sectional Committee (SC) Chaired by NC with a Sectional Chair from each Thrust Area selected by the Apex Committee. The Sectional Committee will have a representative each from DST and DBT to avoid duplication of proposals. The Sectional Committee will be responsible for the following:

Participating Institute (PI)

A participating Institute is an Institute that participates in the SPARC scheme through submission of proposal(s) by its faculty members.

Each Participating Indian Institution (PI) will have a SPARC Committee headed by an Institutional Coordinator (IC) nominated by the Head of the Institution. The IC will be the single point of contact for the Institution for overall institutional coordination, project upload, receipt, management, internal approval of funds, submissions of Statement of Expenditures, Utilization Statements, maintenance of documents related to the proposals and selected projects, interaction with MHRD, NC, NI, SC as needed and facilitate submission of reports for annual and final review. The PI and IC will be responsible for management of IPR produced from this project.